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Still not sure? Well, don’t forget about how my phone is always near by so I can grab that phone call with you or reply to a text asap. Plus, you’ll have your own personal stylist on call for any questions about outfits or style. Did I mention I’m patient and excited even when your kids may be going “off book” for the session, and I’ll be your personal cheerleader and posing guru to help you feel photogenic even if you say you’re not.

See, I genuinely love each client that comes through our lives. Sidney and I treat that inbox like the doors to our storefront... we want to be able to say, “WELCOME!” as we shake your hand, because once you become a client, we’re practically family. Like, we just want to love the heck out of you while we can and give our all to make sure you leave smiling.

Now let’s do this dance. Come on inside!


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Kaylee Horne
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The Hornes

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Family of Three: Photo Session | Fox Lake Park in Titusville, FL

Details on pricing available upon inquiry! Let me know if I can help you at all, and in the meantime, thank you for experiencing these families through my eyes.